Seeding - Kapps Green Lawn


Kapp’s has two seeding options that can help your lawn recover from summer stress!

Double Aeration and Overseeding Project

Kapp’s Double Aeration and Overseeding Project can help your lawn recover from damage caused by insects, disease, and droughts.

Just as the name implies, our service involves going over the lawn with our aerator twice. This creates a fantastic environment for grass seed to thrive. At the same time, we spread grass seed over the entire lawn. Not just any grass seed – we match the seed that will grow the best in your unique soil and light conditions. Aeration allows the grass seed to make contact with the soil at a deeper level which leads to a greater level of germination compared to spreading seed without aeration.

Overseeding will improve your lawn by filling in bare patches, creating an even color, and helping to prevent weeds. Late Summer/Early Fall is the best time for our Double Aeration and Overseeding Project. For more information and a free quote, contact us!

Dormant Seeding

If your lawn has thin, damaged areas from the summer’s heat, one of Kapp’s options is the answer.

We offer Dormant Seeding which is done early winter—the seed lies dormant until the soil temperatures warm in April or May. Then, as the soil heaves and cracks during the winter, crevices are created for the seeds, providing ideal germination conditions.  If you’re interested in starting earlier we also offer a Double Aeration And Overseeding Project done in late summer/early fall.