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Grubs can be a lawn’s worst enemy. Let us help you keep them under control.

Grubs feed on your lawn’s root system, leaving unsightly dead, brown patches. If left untreated, your lawn could be seriously damaged and if you have them once, you can expect that they’ll be back ready to damage your lawn all over again the next year.

Before you can get rid of grubs you have to know what you’re up against. Let the professionals determine the best control for your lawn.
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A grub in the soil

Is it really grub damage?

As we said, grubs love to munch on the roots of your lawn. These baby beetles hatch in the late summer and start eating until winter. After resting during the colder weather, they continue to eat as they develop throughout the spring. Once they’re full-grown beetles they emerge from the soil ready to do even more damage to your landscaping. Then they lay eggs and the entire cycle starts all over again.

Grub damage can be limited to a few brown spots or it can get so bad, you can actually roll your lawn up like a carpet – the roots are gone!

You may also notice an otherwise healthy lawn feeling spongy. Other signs are skunks, raccoons and birds searching the lawn for grubs to eat.
If you suspect you have grubs please contact our office.
Green lawn in the daytime

We treat grubs where they live.

Our Grub Control treatment is guaranteed for the entire year. If grubs resurface, we reapply your grub treatment free of charge. Used together with our fertilization program, your lawn should be more than healthy enough to stand up to grubs and anything else Mother Nature sends your way.