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Tree & Shrub Care

Make sure your landscaping looks great, adds value, and stays healthy for years to come.

If you want to keep your trees and shrubs healthy, Kapp’s can help. Our Tree and Shrub service helps your landscaping to get the nutrients needed to grow and provides the treatments to keep the bugs and diseases away. The result is much healthier landscaping. Your trees and shrubs will look fuller, more colorful, and more vibrant season after season.
Not available in all areas.

Ask about our treatment for Emerald Ash Borers and Asian Long Horn Beetle.

Kapp’s Tree and Shrub Care Plan

Step 1

In the Spring we start with a Deep Root Feeding to provide a long-term source of nutrients to all ornamental trees and shrubs. This feeding also helps to improve overall plant health and blooms.

Step 2

We spray all plants with an insect and disease treatment to target problem bugs and control disease before it even begins.

Step 3

All plants are sprayed with our insect and disease treatment. Bugs and disease need to be monitored and controlled or they can do immense damage.

Step 4

Bugs and disease can be persistent, so we’re just as persistent. We treat all trees and shrubs with our insect and disease treatment to keep your landscaping healthy and looking great.

Step 5

In the Fall we provide a Deep Root Feeding to all ornamental trees and shrubs. This gives your landscaping a chance to recover from Summer stress and stay healthy through the Winter.

Step 6

We spray all ornamental trees and shrubs with dormant oil to target scale insects and any other insects who might try to make a home in your landscaping over the Winter.


Optional Trunk Injections

If any of your ornamental trees and shrubs require specific treatments for insect damage, nutritional deficiencies or disease, we can provide a separate quote.