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Core Aeration

Core Aeration can benefit any lawn – even yours.

Core Aeration creates small openings within the soil to help reduce compaction and improve the ability of grass roots to expand. Eventually the cores break down and help feed your lawn.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of aeration is reducing thatch – the dead organic material found on top of the soil surface.  If you have over a ½ inch of thatch, that’s too much and it can harm your lawn. (Bugs and disease love thatch.) Core aeration breaks up thatch and allows nutrients, water and air to more easily reach the root system of your lawn.

How else can core aeration help your lawn? Take a closer look.

With Core Aeration your lawn grows stronger than ever.

  • Improves fertilizer uptake and use
  • Improves rooting
  • Stimulates new growth in thin areas
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Enhances thatch breakdown
  • Enhances water uptake

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