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Lime Treatment

If the pH in your soil isn’t at the right level, your lawn is going to struggle.

Not available in all areas.
Lawns grow best in slightly acidic soil – pH between 6 and 7. If the pH falls below 5.5, your lawn can suffer. Expect weeds, patchy growth, and a lawn that might start to yellow. More fertilizer isn’t the answer because your lawn will struggle just to absorb the nutrients.

To bring your soil back to the proper level of pH, adding lime is a smart solution. If you suspect your lawn may need lime, your Kapp’s Green Lawn experts will apply the proper amount to bring your soil to the correct pH level.

The low-down on Lime treatments:

  • Lime is best when applied either fall or early spring
  • Applying lime before the first frost in fall gives the soil all winter to absorb the treatment

Lime corrects soil acidity and also adds calcium and magnesium to the soil – two nutrients that are important to building a healthy, green lawn that can stand up to heat and traffic. Lime can also encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil.

Could your lawn benefit from a lime treatment? There’s only one way to find out. Ask your Kapp’s Green Lawn Professional for a free inspection.