FAQ - Kapps Green Lawn

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I fill in my patchy lawn?

Seed is the easiest and the most economical way to fill in bare spots in your lawn. There are several ways to seed your lawn depending on the amount of damage. We offer: Aeration and Overseeding as well as Dormant Seeding.

Should I Sod or Seed my lawn?

Sodding provides an almost ‘instant lawn’ and can be planted in most temperate climates in any season, but it’s more expensive and more vulnerable to droughts and diseases. Seeding is more economical but it takes a few weeks to grow. It really depends on your patience and your budget.

How do I kill crabgrass?

Crabgrass once in a lawn is hard to control. The best method of control is Prevention. Applying a Pre-Emergent in the spring is best. Spring moisture and summer droughts will affect control.

When is the best time to seed?

Late Summer/Early Fall is the best time to plant grass seed – late August thru September. This allows grass seed to germinate and establish before the first frost. If done later it will reduce the amount of germination in the Fall.  Dormant overseeding is also effective for germination the following Spring.

What is the best grass to use to seed?

All lawns have multiple grass types in them. Most lawns that receive sun contain Bluegrass and Ryegrass. For shaded lawns using a shady blend is best – mostly creeping fescues. For drought areas the use of Turf Type Fescue is best. Turf Type Fescue works in most lawns.

Why does my grass leave orange stuff on my shoes?

This is caused by a turf disease called Rust which is usually caused by weather. Moisture, temperature and humidity all play a part. Newer lawns are more susceptible to rust because they retain moisture better.

My lawn is striped what can I do?

Depending on the severity, applying fertilizer in the opposite direction of the stripes can help. After a few weeks of the breakdown of fertilizer you will start to see the stripes getting better.

What height should I mow my lawn at?

3 inches is the optimum height to cut your lawn. Never mow off more than a 1/3 of the grass blade at a time if possible. Spring and Fall mowing may need to be more frequent.

What time of the day should I water my lawn?

Early morning is the best time to water your lawn. The soil is at its coolest point in the morning and this is when the grass will utilize the water the best.

How much do I need to water my lawn?

1 hour per section 3 days a week for an established lawn. New lawns should be watered at least every other day keeping the soil moist at all times.

Do Japanese Beetle Bags work?

These bags will attract more Beetles to your area. Yes, they do catch a lot but they attract a lot as well and they don’t stop the Beetles from laying eggs in your lawn.

What is the difference between Kapp’s fertilizer and weed control and what I can buy at store like Home Depot?

Kapp’s uses a high-quality, custom blended granular fertilizer that is designed specifically for the climate and grass types of the area.

How often should I have my lawn treated?

Every 4 to 6 weeks is optimal during the growing season.

How often should I water my lawn after having it seeded?

Keeping the soil moist is very important. While watering depends on the type of seeding done, we recommend watering at least every other day until the lawn is established.

When is the best time to aerate my yard?

Aeration can be done in Spring but we recommend aerating in the Fall. Spring aerations can lead to weeds and other problems. Results from aeration are much better if done in the Fall.

What is the difference between aeration and dethatching?

Aeration is a process of pulling plugs of soil and thatch which also helps reduce compaction. Dethatching is a process of power raking the top of the soil to remove thatch but it tears existing grass out as well.

Is dethatching good for my yard?

Dethatching a lawn is only helpful if there is a lot of “loose” thatch in the lawn.

Is dethatching harmful to my yard?

Dethatching will cause minimal damage if done properly. While Dethatching does remove thatch by power raking it also removes part of the healthy roots as well.

What is Thatch?

Thatch is a layer of living & dead roots near the top of the soil. A minimal part is from grass clippings.

Does fertilizer make my lawn grow faster?

Turf growth mainly occurs in the Spring and Fall due to moisture. Fertilizer has minimal impact on how fast your lawn grows.

Do I have to worry about my pets and children after a lawn treatment?

All of the products we apply are approved by the EPA for residential use. We do ask that you keep everyone off the lawn for an hour or until the lawn is dry.

What should we do to treat for moss?

It’s best to heavily rake moss areas, improve sunlight where possible by thinning tree cover and then reseeding.